Can I have a pet?

Yes, residents are allowed to have one common household pet including: a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, fish, hamster or turtle.  Dogs and cats must be spayed or neutered, house broken, and weigh less than 20 pounds.  Please see the property manager for a copy of our pet policy.

How is the rent calculated?

A family’s anticipated gross income determines not only eligibility for assistance, but also determines the rent a family will pay. The anticipated income, subject to exclusions and deductions the family will receive during the next twelve (12) months, is used to determine the family’s rent.  In most cases your rent will be 30% of the family’s adjusted monthly income.

How much can be held in assets and still be eligible for subsidy assistance?

Each property must comply with their subsidy programs income limits.  When determining the income of an applicant, it is the actual income derived from the asset that is included in income, not the value of the asset.  The exception is when the cash value of all of the assets is in excess of $5,000, then the amount included in annual income is the higher of 2% of the total assets cash value or the actual income derived from the assets.

How long will it take until I get an apartment?

Each O’Connell Senior Living property maintains a separate wait list so your wait will vary by property.  These properties have an elderly preference with a small number of units set aside for near and non-elderly disabled persons.

What is included in the rent?

Your monthly rent includes heat, hot water, and electricity. Cable and telephone hook-ups are available in each apartment, but these items are not included in your rent and you must provide your own telephone and television.

***Please note that at Michael’s and Joseph’s House you must pay your own electricity but you will receive a deduction from your rent (utility allowance) to help cover this cost.

What type of tenant functions are held in the Community Room?

Our properties and residents are very active and have many activities that may include; BINGO, card games, social hours, coffee time, movies, arts & crafts, needlework / crochet groups, exercise, health & wellness programs, blood pressure clinics, community information programs (fire safety, energy conservation), brown bag programs, picnics, holiday and resident appreciation day celebrations, as well as various entertainment throughout the year.

What is a Resident Service Coordinator?

Providing a quality living experience and enabling elderly, frail or disabled residents to continue living independently, is the objective of our Resident Services Program. The on-site Resident Services Coordinators at our properties are dedicated to assisting residents in acquiring homemaker services, meals, transportation, pharmacy benefits and more. Our Resident Services Coordinators also host special clinics, provide health information, and offer social activities.

Do we have an active Senior Center in town?

Most all of the O’Connell Senior Living Sites are located in cities or towns where there are very active Senior Centers.

Do we have public transportation that comes to our facility for the residents?

Most sites are either on or near a public transportation route.  Additionally, our Resident Service Coordinators may be of assistance in making transportation arrangements.

Can we visit a vacant unit or is there a brochure that shows the floor plan?

The Property Managers at each of our sites would be pleased to show you a vacant unit if one is available to be seen at the time of your visit; if not, they can contact you to let you know when you may come to view a vacant unit.

Is there an elevator?

All of our properties are equipped with elevators.

Is smoking allowed in the building?

Smoking is not permitted within the residents’ apartment and smoking is prohibited in all areas outside of your apartment, within the interior of the building, and in any of the common areas of the building. Common areas are all hallways, stairwells, lobbies, community rooms, elevators, rest rooms, laundry rooms, kitchens and trash rooms.

Smoking is permitted only in designated smoking areas located outside 25 feet from our buildings.

Are there personal care services in the building?

The building does not offer personal care services, however our Resident Service Coordinator may assist you with attaining those services.

Do I need to pay a security deposit?

Yes, all residents must pay a security deposit equal to one months rent or the total tenant payment (TTP) prior to moving into the property.

I already have a subsidy. Can I transfer it here?

Elmwood Towers and Holyoke Towers will accept your subsidy.  The other properties in the O’Connell Senior Living portfolio have project-based section 8 subsidies so you will have to give up your voucher if you wish to live in a property other than Holyoke Towers or Elmwood Towers.